Italian Christmas Cakes: learn how to make Panettone and Pandoro

Are you a baker, an Italian food lover or a pastry chef? Are you interested in learning how to make the most famous traditional Italian Christmas Cakes? Welcome to this online training course dedicated to Panettone and Pandoro, two excellencies of Italy’s pastry tradition in the world!

Bruno Andreoletti, our Pastry Chef and Teacher, is the Author of the best “Classic Panettone” of the world (FIPGC Award 2019) and the best “Panettone with Chocolate” (Italian Gourmet Award 2018). During our course he will share with you his experience, passion, methods and recipes in order to make – step by step – the artisanal Panettone and Pandoro. 

Our first lesson is dedicated to the Panettone and you will make it in two versions: the Classic one and with Chocolate. Our second lesson, instead, is dedicated to the artisanal Pandoro. All these recipes have distinctive features, such as the sourdough starter from natural yeast, long fermentations, multiple kneadings and natural high-quality ingredients used at room temperature. You will start from the making of the natural yeast and learn each of the following stages of the Author’s Recipes.

Born in Brescia in 1987, Maestro Bruno Andreoletti attended Cfp Canossa in Mompiano and specialized in pastry at the “Pasticceria Veneto” of Maestro Iginio Massari. At the age of 21 he opened his first pastry shop in Offlaga and few years later he opened a second pastry shop in the historic center of Brescia. Panettone and Pandoro in his vision are true Italian traditional pastry excellencies that deserve to be tasted and appreciated all year round!



Totale lezioni: 2 lessons Tempo: 40 minutes

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